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palmares Rise

Format: TV: 26 episodes x 11', Historical comedy in Stop-motion.
Target: Adult, Teenagers
Status of the project: Pre-Production
Looking for: Broadcaster , Co-production Partner, Financing

Synopsis: This is the story of two young people - one born in Quilombo de Palmares (a fugitive community of escaped slaves and others) and the other in the Netherlands - who are in colonial Pernambuco (Brazil), under Dutch domination of Maurice of Nassau. KOFI, the black man, becomes a spy in service of his king Ganga Zumba, on a mission of resistance against the slavery system.

To be completed in: 2020
Territories available: All Territories
Broadcasted: Rede Minas TV (Brasil)
Highlights: awarded first place in the “Independent view, pre licensing audiovisual works for public television” notice), by CODEMIG in 2017.

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