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The son of a Bitch

Format: animation film, 80’, 2D full animation
Target: Adult, Teenagers
Status of the project: Pre-Production
Looking for: Co-production Partner, Financing

Synopsis: A quiet town houses the "Casa Rosa" of Tereza - the most popular prostitute of the place.

She is the mother of Alberto, known by all the inhabitants of the city as The Son of the bitch.

Inspired by the movie “God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun”

 / “Deus e o Diabo na terra do sol” - The Son of a Bitch is a fable that tells a story that perpetuates over the years, on the human, unconscious or lucid pursuit of his own identity and his own destiny.

Territories available: All Territories

Co-production: Otto Desenhos Animados (Brazil)
Highlights: awarded first place in the “Selection of production proposals and/or finalization of feature-films”, by CODEMIG), in 2017.

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