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Animation, Drama

Format: 80', animation film

Target: Adult, Teenagers

Status of the project: Pre-Production

Looking for: Distribution, Pre-sales, Financing

Synopsis: The German Curt Unkel, 22 years old goes to São Paulo to live among the Guarani people and is baptized by them as Nimuendajú, which means one who has found his place in the world. He dedicated his life to the passion of indigenous culture, being adopted and baptized by several peoples with whom he lived, among them the Guarani, Apinaye, Tikuna e Canela-Ronkokamekra. Based on true story.

To be completed in: 2020
Co-production: Promenades Films (France) and Cine Zebra (Germany)
Highlights: Awarded in Filme em Minas, awarded in BNDE/ANCINE, also selected for MIFA Piches 2016 and Annecy Goes to Cannes 2017.



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